Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A ~ Z of Marvelousness: I is for Ivy


  • Frank Lloyd Wright is attributed with saying "Doctors bury their mistakes, architects cover them with ivy…” Ivy might not be the focal point in many gardens but it’s always a crowd-pleaser ~ a good way to “green up” just about anything.
  • The climbing ivy that graces buildings has a long history of medicinal use. Herbalists used it to treat arthritis, bronchitis, dysentery, and whooping cough. It even helped for skin problems like eczema and sunburn. Ivy might reduce stretch marks.
  • Ivy symbolizes friendship, fidelity, and affection.
  • How marvelous is that?
  • I took this picture in Portsmouth, NH, USA


  1. My son was married at Hadley Castle in Victoria, British Columbia and was all upset when we arrived to find they had removed all the ivy to clean the building. Fortunately, it is a beautiful castle.

  2. Hadley Castle is beautiful! I like it more with the ivy though...

  3. our county govt building used to be wrapped in ivy - but they stripped it off. Pity

  4. Even though I know how horrible Ivy is to a building I just can't resist the look of it.

  5. I didn't know there were so many medicinal uses for ivy.

  6. I never knew ivy had so many medicinal uses. I've heard it being a sign of friendship before. Learned a lot reading your post today. Thanks!

  7. I'm not a huge fan of ivy, or at least I don't think I'd want the responsibility of it on my own home; however, it can look absolutely gorgeous so long as it's maintained. Love the picture.

  8. Ooooo! I love ivy! I wish it grew better in this HOT California sun. It would probably do OK in the shade, but there is hardly any shade. hehe

    Great picture!!!

    Dana @ Waiter, drink please!

  9. It is a shame ivy can be so destructive as it is a great haven for wildlife. Love the symbolism of plants, too.


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