Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A ~ Z of Marvelousness: T is for Tango


  • Aahhh, the marvelous Tango....was first danced more than a hundred years ago in Argentina and Uruguay and soon spread to the rest of the planet.
  • I took this picture in La Boca, Buenos Aires, where the Tango is everywhere...
  • As teacher Cacho Dante says: "The tango is a feeling that is danced. That's why it is not choreographed, though it can have sequences, like all feelings. You can dance love, rage, happiness, pleasure, every mood. The tango is not a dance to demonstrate ability but rather an interpretation of feeling. It is not just moving your feet and posturing. The tango is Argentine, but it belongs to all those who understand its feelings and its codes.


  1. I can't dance to save my life, but I feel the energy even just watching the Tango.

  2. Tango! What a terrific topic. This dance always looks wild and mysterious - deep and expressive all at the same time. Thank you for a glimpse in to the truth of Tango . . .

  3. What an excellent photo. Your post makes me want to learn the tango.

  4. I used to be able to dance a tango...many moons ago.

  5. You're correct. Can demonstrate any emotion. I haven't seen a good Tango in ages

  6. I love the image you have used for this letter. I can't dance but would to be able to tango.

  7. Our family visited Buenos Aires last year, and toured the San Telmo neighborhood where the tango began. Fascinating history! Happy A to Z!



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